Yesterday, Starprise platform announced a new Starprise’ donation campaign “Here for You” in partnership with celebrities who will be donating their proceeds to the Lebanese Food Bank Association and Impact Lebanon. The campaign features several celebrities such as Nahed Elsebai, Jenny Esper, Jaber Jokhadar, Cynthia Khalifeh, Ayman Reda

This campaign aims to support the city of Beirut after the massive explosion that hit it on August 4th causing severe damages. It resulted in the death and injury of many. And left thousands of Lebanese displaced without shelter after destroying their properties.

“In these tough times for Lebanon, we need to come together and I believe we have to stand by each other. We have received several requests from our celebrity partners to take part in the “Here for You” campaign, everyone is eager to help Beirut, as we have always known Lebanese to be this happy and resilient nation. We hope they come out of it stronger and full of life. And we will try as much as we can to support” said Eyad Al Nesrawi, CEO of Starprise.

Celebrities on Starprise platform are ready to interact with their audience and support those affected by the explosion by donating a portion of their revenue from the fans’ requested videos. The platform will also donate it’s revenue share during the campaign to the Lebanese Food Bank Association and Impact Lebanon.

About The Lebanese Food Bank:

The Lebanese Food Bank Association is a non-governmental organization established in 2011 by a group of Lebanese citizens to fight hunger and food waste in Lebanon. The LFB is a member of the food Banking regional network in Dubai, which is part of the global Food Banking Network.

LFB provides food to vulnerable families and individuals through 95 selected NGOs across Lebanon disregarding political or religious affiliations. This is achieved via the collection of food donations and the collection of surplus food from partner restaurants, hotels, caterers, supermarkets and food exporters/importers.

About Impact Lebanon:

Impact Lebanon is a non-profit organisation that serves as a social incubator for initiatives that deliver impact for Lebanon. Their process is to encourage the brainstorming of ideas; promote the sharing of knowledge, resources and expertise; build partnerships; and form strong teams to turn ideas into successful initiatives. 

About Starprise: 

Starprise is a Swedish tech company based in Stockholm, Sweden, offering a platform which allows fans to connect with their favourite celebrities in the Middle East. Fans can request and book personalized video messages from their favourite celebrities to surprise their friends and family on different occasions like birthdays, wedding invitations, newborn parties, graduation ceremonies, to answer a question and sometimes just for fun.

You can read more about the campaign on the following link: