Stockholm, Sweden, January 15, 2020 — Starprise was invited to be on the stage of Antler’s Stockholm Demo Day.

Our CEO Eyad Al Nesrawi took the stage in front of 200 investors and over 2000 people watching on live-stream and unveiled Starprise for the first time to the world.

The day brought a huge success to the Starprise team in connecting with investors and business partners from around the globe.

Watch our CEO presenting Starprise on stage at

About Antler

Founded in Singapore in 2017 by Magnus Grimeland and a team of successful entrepreneurs and investors, Antler is a global startup generator and early-stage VC that is building the next big wave of tech. Antler select the world’s most brilliant and determined people, help them find the right co-founder, validate their business model, connect them to a top tier network of advisors and experts worldwide, and invest in them.


About Starprise

Starprise is the first peer-to-peer marketplace in the Middle East enabling fans to book personalized videos from their favorite celebrities.

We’re on a mission to bring excitement to everyday life by connecting fans to their favorite celebrities.

Through our platform, you can request and book personalized video messages from your favorite celebrities to surprise your friends and family with personalized videos made especially for them.